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General Catalog 2023-2024 
General Catalog 2023-2024

History, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements 

A grade of C or higher is required for all courses to be counted toward the major.

Major Requirements (45 units)

Lower-Division Requirements: (6 units)

Upper-Division Requirements:

Other Degree Requirements

In addition to the major program requirements, every student must also complete the University’s baccalaureate degree requirements such as:

  • American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2 )
  • General Education Requirements (48 units)
  • Multicultural and International (MI)
  • Upper-division Writing
  • Sufficient Elective Units to Meet Required Total Units (varies); it is recommended that units in this area be utilized to complete a second major or minor.

A full description of the University’s graduation requirements can be found in the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements 

Total Units: 120*

*General Education, MI, and Upper-division Writing courses can be double counted with major requirements. These courses include HIST 20  or HIST 21  (Area D2) and HIST 100W . See advisor for details.

Advising Notes

  1. HIST 100W  is required before enrollment in HIST 198  for all students with catalog year 2020-2021 to present.
  2. It is strongly recommended that history majors take both HIST 11  and HIST 12 .
  3. History majors are not permitted to take history courses by CR/NC grading.
  4. General Education and elective units may be used toward a double major or minor (see double major or departmental minor). Consult the appropriate department chair, program coordinator, or faculty advisor for further information.
  5. Students who are planning to do graduate work in history are advised to take a foreign language and HIST 196  as an undergraduate in consultation with the History Department.
  6. All majors must take a total of 27 units from the three fields listed below, taking into account the following requirements:
    • Students must take a minimum of two courses (6 units) in each field.
    • Up to 3 units of HIST 190  may be applied toward the major.
    • HIST 190  may not be taken in lieu of a course offered by the department. Students should have taken courses in the appropriate field prior to taking HIST 190 .
    • No more than 3 units of HIST 193I  can be applied to any one field.


European History: