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General Catalog 2023-2024 
General Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Studies, B.A.

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Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

The English Studies Major at Fresno State is designed to help prepare future middle and high school English teachers. Through this California state-approved program, students may demonstrate the English Language Arts subject matter competency required for entrance into a post-baccalaureate single subject teaching credential program.

Majors complete English courses; courses in subjects related to language arts education such as literacy studies, drama, speech communication, and linguistics; and chose one Extended Area of Emphasis from the following:

  • Rhetoric and Writing Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Speech
  • Theatre

Major Requirements (54-56 units)

Extended Studies (12-14 units)

Select one of the following English Studies major extended studies emphases:

Literature Emphasis (12 units)

American Literature (4 units)

Select one (not used for any other requirement):

Rhetoric and Writing Studies Emphasis (12 units)

Creative Writing Emphasis (12 units)

Speech Emphasis (12 units)

Additional Requirements (10 - 12 units)

Other Degree Requirements

In addition to the major program requirements, every student must also complete the University’s baccalaureate degree requirements such as:

  • American Government and Institutions (PLSI 2 )
  • General Education Requirements (48 units)
  • Multicultural and International (MI)
  • Upper-division Writing
  • Sufficient Elective Units to Meet Required Total Units (varies); it is recommended that units in this area be utilized to complete a second major or minor.

A full description of the University’s graduation requirements can be found in the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements .

Total Units: 120*

*General Education, MI, and Upper-division Writing courses can be double counted with major requirements.  See advisor for details.

Advising Notes:

  1. The major in English Studies is a California state-approved program preparing students for a career teaching English Language Arts at the middle and high school levels. In addition to core courses, students also choose one extended studies emphasis from the following areas: Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Speech, Theater, and Linguistics.
  2. The language requirement may be fulfilled by a sequence of two semesters of the same language. However, if a student demonstrates advanced proficiency by completing the final course in a language sequence (e.g., the fourth semester course in a language), or an advanced reading course, that single course may fulfill this requirement with the approval of the faculty advisor.
  3. The writing requirement may be met by taking ENGL 106W 
  4. Courses may double-count in G.E. and the major. Recommended G.E. courses for all English credential majors are as follows:
    G.E. Area C1 - DRAMA 22 , DRAMA 62 ; ENGL 41 , ENGL 43 , ENGL 44 
    G.E. Area C2 - LING 10  or foreign language courses
    G.E. Area E - DRAMA 32 
    G.E. Area IC - ENGL 101 , ENGL 102 , ENGL 103 , ENGL 112 , ENGL 113 , ENGL 114 , ENGL 174 ; DRAMA 163 ; PHIL 120 , PHIL 150  or PHIL 151 
    G.E. Area ID - MCJ 178 
    Area MI - LING 147  
  5. To demonstrate Subject Matter Competency in the state of California through the Fresno State English Studies major, students must:
    1. receive grades of either A or B in ENGL 105 , ENGL 131 , and ENGL 193 ;
    2. complete and earn the B.A. in English Studies with an average 3.0 GPA or better in major coursework; and
    3. complete and pass a reflective portfolio and interview process covering four state-mandated areas of English Studies.
  6. To be eligible to enter the Fresno State Credential Program students must:
    1. earn a bachelor’s degree (B.A. or B.S.) with an overall GPA of 2.67 (including major and General Education Coursework);
    2. provide evidence of successful completion of an appropriate pre-program field experience or EHD 50 - Introduction to Teaching ;
    3. complete CI 149 - Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Secondary Classrooms  
    4. demonstrate basic skills by passing the CBEST;
    5. provide evidence of English Language Arts Subject Matter Competency, either through a California state-approved program of coursework such as Fresno State’s major in English Studies OR by passing the state CSET (exam) in English

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