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General Catalog 2023-2024 
General Catalog 2023-2024

Education - Multilingual & Multicultural Education Option, M.A.

Multilingual and Multicultural Education Option, M.A. Requirements

Dr. Teresa Huerta, Coordinator
Education Building, Room 253

Program Description. The Master of Arts degree program in Education with an option in Multilingual/Multicultural Education is designed to develop expertise in educators with the goal of providing equitable learning environments through their instruction and leadership. The overarching mission is to provide master’s degree candidates with a foundation in research, curriculum, and leadership in order to promote equity in schools serving linguistically and culturally diverse (LCD) learners. In this program, master candidates will be working with students who are not only English learners (EL), but also students who have distinct linguistic and cultural needs.

Career Opportunities. Graduates will be qualified to administer a variety of teaching strategies as well as to use pedagogical skills that have been proven to work with students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. They will also be able to provide leadership in staff development, student services areas, and higher educational settings. This specialized training will help advance further graduate study in doctoral programs.

Admission Requirements. In addition to the admission requirements listed in the Graduate Education Program section of this catalog, admission to the M.A. in Education option Multilingual/Multicultural Education requires a minimum 2.75 GPA, a statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendation.

Program Requirements. Under the direction of the multilingual/multicultural coordinator, each student prepares and submits an individually designed program within the following framework:

Culminating Experience (3 units)

Choose between

Total: 30 Units

* Students meet the Graduate Writing Requirement by passing the writing component of LEE 282 . See graduate program coordinator for further information.

** ERE 153  or an or an equivalent course may be taken prior to being admitted to the program, or may be taken concurrently with required courses in Year One before taking ERE 220 , or can be taken in summer.