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General Catalog 2023-2024 
General Catalog 2023-2024

Art, M.A.

Master of Arts Requirements

The Master of Arts in Art provides the opportunity for highly motivated art and design students to pursue study at an advanced level and attain a level of accomplishment in the visual arts and design. The graduate program emphasizes self-direction and focus within a specific area. The program builds upon the equivalent of the undergraduate major in art at California State University, Fresno. The program provides specifically for certain areas of interest: art education, crafts, computer art, interior design, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, art history, and theory. With prior approval, programs with multiple concentrations may be arranged. For specific requirements, consult the departmental graduate program director. For general requirements, see Division of Graduate Studies.

The Master of Arts degree program in Art assumes preparation equivalent to the undergraduate major in art at California State University, Fresno. Applicants must first complete university requirements for admission to the Division of Graduate Studies. Applicants must also pass the Department of Art and Design Classified Standing Screening Review.

(See also Admission to Graduate Standing, Advancement to Candidacy, Program Requirements, and Criteria for Thesis and Project.)

Graduate courses in art are open to holders of the B.A. in Art who have been conditionally classified by the Department of Art and Design.

Second-semester seniors in the undergraduate art program may also enroll in 200-series coursework in art subject to the approval of the instructor.

Master of Arts Degree Requirements

Under the direction of a graduate adviser, each student prepares and submits a coherent program individually designed within the following framework:

  • Approved courses in art in the 200-series (see Specific Requirements) Units: 21-30
  • Approved courses in art or related fields in the 100- or 200-series Units: 0-9

Total: 30 Units

Specific Requirements. ART 230  or ART 260  (3 units) and ART 298  or ART 299  (2-6 units). Before being allowed to exhibit, candidates expecting to participate in ART 298  are required to have completed ART 112  or the equivalent approved by the gallery director.

For studio areas, additional units (3-9) in ART 240  or ART 220T  are specifically recommended.

For art history areas, ART 230  and additional units (3-9) in ART 260  are specifically recommended.

Classified Standing. Concurrently with the departmental review and evaluation for classified standing, the student will submit a tentative program outline for approval by the screening committee.

Graduate Writing Skills Requirement. Before advancing to candidacy, the student must have completed the graduate writing requirement. This requirement is satisfied by passing the designated writing component of either ART 230  or ART 260 . Please see the Department of Art and Design’s Graduate Guide for more detailed information. Please note that the prerequisites for these courses may change according to the subject covered. Admission to the course is by permission of instructor.

Advancement to Candidacy. Prior to the completion of 20 units of the proposed program, the student will review the program of courses with an adviser from the selected area of concentration.